locksmith open on sunday

What Locksmith is Open On a Sunday in South Florida?

Lock-related emergencies can strike at any time. A lost key, damaged lock, or broken key can prevent you from accessing your office, home, or car. If this happens on a Sunday, it can make for a challenging and stressful situation, as many locksmiths are closed on Sundays. Do you know who to call in such

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same day locksmith

Same Day Locksmith in South Florida!

Getting locked out of your South Florida home or losing your car keys is an immense worry. It doesn’t matter whether you misplace the keys or damage them accidentally – not being able to drive to work or get into your house at any time of the day is stressful. This is why the emergency

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car key replacement cost

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Car Key Replacement in Miami?

It can be challenging to determine what to expect to pay if you have never hired a locksmith before for a car key replacement service. You may not know what a reasonable price is to replace your car keys. Several factors may affect the cost of your car key replacement, such as the job’s complexity,

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Brand New Key

A Brand New Key in Less Than Ten Minutes

Time is of the essence when you need a replacement key. The good news is that 3 Guys Locksmith has been recognized as the fastest locksmith service in South Florida. We can reach any location in South Florida, at any time, within 30 minutes, and make a brand new key in less than 10 minutes.

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Locksmith Industry

Where Does a World of Automated Vehicles Leave The Locksmith Industry?

Technological advancements and innovations have transformed the automobile industry over the past few decades. One only needs to look at the humble car key to understand the extent to which the automobile industry has transformed. From conventional one-sided keys to programmable transponder keys, car keys have evolved dramatically over the years. With the advent of

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Why You Need a Residential Locksmith in Your Life

As a homeowner, keeping your home secure should be your top priority. With more than 1.7 million break-ins and burglaries happening each year, you cannot afford to take any chances with your home’s security. An experienced residential locksmith can be your trusted partner in ensuring your home is safe and secured. Contrary to what many

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