Emergency Door Unlock Services

Emergency Door Unlock Services in Miami, Florida

Whether you are stuck outside your home with groceries in hand or stranded in a lonely basement parking area, unable to get inside your car, getting locked out can be both stressful and potentially dangerous. You need to gain access to your home or vehicle as quickly as possible, and this is where emergency locksmith

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new car key

Get a New Car Key in Miami Today!

Thousands of automobile owners lose their car keys each year. Having a spare set of keys can be a lifesaver. While you can get one from your dealership, chances are they will charge a high premium for it and take a much longer time to do it. If you are looking for a quicker, more

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residential locksmith

Why You Should Consider Spare Keys as a Landlord  

What happens when your tenant breaks or loses their keys? Every landlord gets that call at one point or another where their tenant asks them if they have a spare key or a master key to access their apartment. In some unfortunate cases, tenants are known to lock their landlord out of the house, even

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where to keep spare house key

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Spare House Key Under The Mat

Here are two facts for your knowledge today: (1.) Leaving a spare house key under the doormat is the top hiding place for spare keys in this country, and (2.) Your home insurance policy could be invalidated if your house is burgled by someone using a key knowingly left outside the property. That’s right if

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