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Mailbox Lock Replacement In South Florida

While you can go paperless for most services these days, a large number of people still receive their bills, checks, and other communications through the US Postal Service. It’s important to have a secure mailbox to make sure any sensitive information is protected. So, what should you do if your mailbox key or lock gets

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How Burglars Gain Access – Know the Tricks of the Trade

Have you ever wondered how burglars manage to break into homes undetected? According to recent statistics, a burglary occurs every 26 seconds in the United States, with an average property loss of over $2,600 per incident. It’s a chilling thought, but understanding the tactics and methods burglars use to gain entry into homes can help

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Have Your Locks Been Tampered With?

Locks give us a great sense of security. We rely on them in our everyday life to protect our well-being, our property and our privacy at home. While advanced and high quality locks will deter most small-time criminals, some of the more determined or organized criminals can and will try to break even the most

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Why You Should Choose Your Local Locksmith Over a Dealership

It’s quite easy to get locked out of your car in Miami, FL. You might leave your keys by accident inside the car, or worse still, misplace them somewhere on a busy day. The situation becomes especially stressful when you don’t have a spare key available or easily accessible. So what do you do? One

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