6 Signs To Avoid With a Locksmith

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6 Signs To Avoid With a Locksmith

Most states don’t require locksmiths to be licensed to operate, and Florida is one. That’s why it’s especially important to be informed and cautious about how you choose your locksmith in Miami.

“You might be desperate and fall victim to a locksmith scam,” Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List told WCSC News. “People that haven’t planned ahead often overlook extra charges and also don’t notice red flags.”

If a locksmith has any of these qualities present, it’s probably best that you avoid them. We’ll cover the biggest red flags to avoid in choosing an locksmith in Miami.

Avoid Paid Ads

When searching the web for a locksmith, skip the advertisements and go to customer reviews. A website or social media page with location, photos, and reviews is much more valid than spam-like services that often come with absurdly low prices and sketchy details.

Remote Service 

Don’t depend on locksmith services that aren’t based locally. Do your best to find an available locksmith for your residential, commercial or automotive . If the dispatcher is out of state or far away, it will be difficult to follow up and might suggest a scam is likely.

miami locksmithNo Estimate Over The Phone

A professional locksmith will be kind and transparent about pricing details. Extra fees for late-night jobs and other issues need to be addressed before a locksmith is dispatched. Check the locksmith’s website for clear pricing details and confirm with dispatcher and locksmith before and after the job.

Unmarked Vehicles

An unmarked vehicle can suggest a number of potential dangers. Even if it’s just unprofessional or amateur work, a true locksmith company will be proudly known in their community, with a brand that is recognizable and easily verified online.

Not Worried About Your I.D.

Just think about how dangerous a locksmith with no I.D. policy could be. Imagine your home or vehicle being burglarized because a locksmith failed to confirm ownership of the locked property. They should also have I.D. of their own that they are willing to share for your own personal security.

Blank Form

A locksmith that pressures you to sign a blank or confusing form is not trustworthy. Don’t agree to anything with your signature unless all of the previously stated red flags are not present.

Eager To Drill

If you do allow a locksmith to work on your lock, beware of those who are quick to grab their drill. A locksmith should have a variety of tools that can get the job done, and his drill should be his absolute last resort.

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