New Locks for New Property Owners

New Locks for New Property Owners

Owning a home or any other piece of property is an exciting time in life. Becoming a property owner takes a lot of work and comes with a lot of responsibility. One such responsibility is ensuring that the home, office, or store is always secure. One way a property owner can make this possible is by installing new locks on the exterior doors. This service is also vital for interior doors that protect money, products, documents, and other important items in the home or office. The experienced, reliable, and trusted team at 3 Guys Locksmith can provide locks for realtors, new property owners, and tenants when needed.

Change the Locks After Closing

If you are a new homeowner, it’s in your best interest to change the locks after closing. Once you become the official owner of the new home, you should have a locksmith come out to change the locks as soon as possible. 

Even though your realtor is supposed to hand you all of the keys that were made for the home, you just don’t know if the builder, contractors, subcontractors, or any other vendors who worked on the home still have copies of the keys they used to access the property while it was being built. Below is the process you should follow when changing the locks after buying a new property.

Step 1: The Final Walkthrough

You should inspect all of the locks and other security devices during the final walkthrough of the property prior to escrow. Make a decision about keeping the hardware, changing the hardware, rekeying the locks, or having the keys replaced altogether. Locks for realtors from our trusted locksmiths can provide this service as you finalize the purchase of a new property.

Step 2: Have New Locks Rekeyed

Did you decide to have new locks installed? If so, do not use the keys that come with those locks. Call on our trusted locksmiths to not only install the new locks at your home or office but also rekey the locks. Keys that come with locks purchased at home improvement stores have key codes printed on the boxes, which makes it easy for criminals to copy the codes and gain access to properties all across Florida.

Step 3: Install a Security System

You can add an extra level of security to your home or office when you have a security system installed. If you know ahead of time you’d like to do this, have a licensed and insured locksmith from 3 Guys Locksmith attend a walkthrough of the property with you prior to closing. Then, once the property is officially in your name, the system can be installed almost immediately.

Step 4: Ask for Copies of the New Keys

As the locks for realtors process comes to an end, you need to ask for copies of the new keys from your locksmith. Why wait to go get copies made? Once the locksmith is done installing all of the new locks, he can make copies right there on the spot for you, your family, your staff, or anyone else who might need a copy of the key to access your new property.

Look at the Chain of Possession

Be sure to look at the chain of possession of the keys that provide access to your property. If the keys to your property, or the access codes, have been in the hands of someone other than you, the property owner, or a close circle of people within the circle of trust of the owner, it’s time to explore changing the keys. Changing the keys or the access codes when someone breaches the chain of possession is a smart move when you are a property owner.

Improving Aesthetics

There’s nothing stopping you from improving the aesthetics of your home and a great way to do that is by changing the locks. Locks are no longer a dime a dozen. They are now offered in many different colors, finishes, materials, and styles. If you do not like the look of the locks on your new property have an experienced locksmith from 3 Guys Locksmith visit your property to change out the locks based on your wishes. You can explore locks for realtors services in Homestead, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Lost Key? Change the Locks

Many people think that it’s okay to keep the same locks in place when a key is lost and simply replace the key. Many locksmiths recommend against this, especially if the key was labeled with a property address. Now, the odds of someone finding that key and matching it to your property are low, but why take the risk? Have 3 Guys Locksmith visit your property, change the locks, and provide you with new keys.

Replace Keys When Changing Vendors

Are there different vendors who have access to your home or office to handle different tasks? Have you changed vendors for landscaping, cleaning the pool, cleaning the interior of the property, remodeling the home, or any other task? If so, it’s time to explore the replacement of the keys if these vendors had keys to access the property. 

Even if you keep the same vendor for years, you should have the keys replaced when the vendor sends a new employee to your property. Replacing the keys when vendors are no longer working on your property ensures safety and security at all times.

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If you are in need of replacement locks, only put your trust in an experienced and reliable locksmith. 3 Guys Locksmith serves Homestead, Florida, and the surrounding areas when it comes to locks for realtors. We provide 24/7 emergency service 365 days per year. Complete a contact form on our website or call us at 305-907-7707 for an immediate response. We serve residential and commercial clients in Miami-Dade County.

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