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Residential Locksmith in South Florida

Owning a home is the goal of millions of people every year. However, owning a home comes with its challenges, including being locked out of the house. No one wants to lock themselves out of their own home but it happens. Even with today’s advanced technology, smartphones, and smart homes; people still find themselves struggling to gain entry to their homes. 

You can wind up locked out after checking the mail, walking the dog, playing outside with your children, running to a neighbor’s house, or any other activity. Not everyone thinks to bring their house keys with them when they run outside for two minutes. This is why 3 Guys Locksmith provides residential locksmith services to areas throughout Florida. We are based in Homestead but can service residential neighborhoods in various areas of the Sunshine State.

Do you need emergency residential locksmith services? If so, call either of our emergency hotlines at (305) 907-7707 or (239) 249-5268. You can also schedule an appointment for service at your home by calling our office in Homestead at 305-907-7707 today. Our locksmiths are experienced, skilled, and have all the right tools to handle any type of residential lockout they encounter.

Our Residential Locksmith Specialties:

  • Spare Keys and Key Replacement
  • Lock Replacement and Repair
  • Master Key Services
  • Security Door Replacement
  • Deadbolt Installation
  • Safe and High-Value Services

Interested in our additional residential locksmith near me specialties? Read on to learn more.

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Additional Residential  Locksmith Specialties

Emergency Residential Lockout Services

Have you locked yourself out of your home? Are your children still inside the home? Are they too young to open the door for you? This can be quite a frightening situation for any parent. It doesn’t matter how much you trust your children not to do anything unsafe, you will still feel anxious knowing they are in the home alone. If your neighbor doesn’t have a spare key, or you don’t have a spare in your car, it’s time to call for emergency residential lockout services. The team from 3 Guys Locksmith will respond to your location immediately to provide you access to your home.

We offer emergency residential locksmith services 24/7, 365 days per year so you never have to worry about being unable to access your home should you find yourself locked out. Simply place a call to one of our emergency hotlines and we will send a locksmith to your location pronto. Our locksmiths will work diligently to provide you access as quickly as possible without breaking the lock, breaking the door, or causing damage to any other piece of your property.

Changing the Locks on Your Residence

Was your home recently burglarized? Has there been a rash of burglaries in the area? If you want to feel safer in your own home, it might be time to upgrade your locks. You have a lot of options when it comes to changing the locks at your home and we will be sure to review all of them with you so an informed decision can be made.

 Our residential locksmith services will make changing the locks at your home as easy as possible. We can remove all of your old locks, help you pick new ones, and then install the new locks so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

New Lock Installation

Are you renovating your home? If so, this might mean that you are installing new entry doors. Every new entry door should also have a new lock. 3 Guys Locksmith provides a new lock installation as part of our residential service. If you aren’t renovating the home and simply need a new lock because a current one failed, we can provide you with this service too. We understand that you want your home to be secure at all times, which is why we will install all new locks in a timely, yet efficient manner.

Installation of Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming very popular throughout the residential neighborhoods of Florida. These locks make it much easier for you to enter and leave your home. If you wish to have a smart lock installed, you can call 3 Guys Locksmith for residential locksmith services in Homestead and beyond. Smart locks do not require a key in order to unlock the door, which means forgetting a key and getting locked out of your home will become a thing of the past.

Smart locks can interact with the rest of your smart home, meaning that you can lock and unlock the door from your smartphone or another connected device. You will also be able to lock and unlock the door from the lock itself, which often comes with a keypad where you can key in a code that you have entered into the system. Many smart locks allow you to program more than one code, which is perfect for families who need to give out codes to family members who no longer live in the home.

Extraction of Broken Keys

Did a key break in one of the locks at your home? If so, the only way you will be able to have the broken piece removed is by calling a residential locksmith from 3 Guys Locksmith in Homestead, Florida. Broken keys are an annoyance that must be dealt with immediately so you are able to lock your door. It takes special tools and a skilled locksmith to remove the broken part of the key. The locksmith will also examine the lock to make sure it was not damaged when the key broke. If it was, we will be able to replace the lock right there for you on the spot.

Rekeying a Lock

If the lock at your home has not suffered any damage, you can have it rekeyed by an experienced locksmith from 3 Guys Locksmith. Rekeying a lock takes a matter of minutes when performed by an experienced, trained locksmith. The process might take a little longer than normal if removing the lock from the door is challenging. Once the lock is removed, the rekeying aspect of the job does not take long at all to complete.

Safe Lockouts

Do you have a safe in your home? If so, being locked out of it can cause undue stress and anxiety. Worrying about whether or not you will possess the items in that safe ever again can be exhausting. When you call for residential locksmith services you will be able to have peace of mind once again. We will gain access to your safe without damaging the contents. If the lock has been damaged, we will replace it or suggest a new safe. 

Repairing or Replacing Broken Window Locks

A home is only as safe as its weakest lock. You can focus all of your repair budgets on the entry doors of your home, but if the locks on your windows are broken or missing you are not secure.

 If you come across a broken window lock at your home it is important that you have it repaired or replaced immediately. Broken window locks allow burglars and prowlers easy access to your home.  


No Project is Too Big for Our Residential Locksmiths

There is no residential project too large for the residential locksmith near me from 3 Guys Locksmith. We pride ourselves on providing clients with superior service at all times. Whether you are in need of emergency service or need to schedule an appointment, our team will make sure that you are taken care of no matter the project. If you need all the locks replaced at your home, new smart locks installed, or need to gain access to a safe; our team can handle any type of locksmith project for your life.

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Areas We Serve

We serve multiple areas across Florida, including the following locations:

  • Cutler Bay
  • Homestead
  • Hialeah
  • Coral Gables
  • Doral
  • Sunny Isles
  • Aventura
  • North Miami Beach
  • North Miami

If you don’t see your town listed above, don’t worry, give us a call as soon as possible and we will be sure to respond to your location to provide superior locksmith service. There is no residential property too large or too small for our locksmiths. 

Locked Out of Your Home? Call a Residential Locksmith

Have you been locked out of your home? Do you need new locks installed on your residential entry doors? Are you looking to have a smart lock installed at your home? If you need any of these services, don’t hesitate to call the residential locksmith from 3 Guys Locksmith in Homestead, Florida. 

You can schedule an appointment for service at 305-907-7707 today. Or, if you need emergency service, please call one of our emergency hotlines at (305) 907-7707 or (239) 249-5268. We can send a locksmith to your location in a matter of minutes depending on where the two locations are in relation to each other. You can also visit our contact page.

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