Car Keys – A Guide to Managing Security for Your Vehicle

Guide To Managing Your Vehicle Security

For the average American, a car is not merely a convenience, but an indispensable necessity. Data shows that cars are the primary means of transportation for over 76% of Americans. With your car being so important, you cannot afford to be lax about your car’s security.

While your car keys and locks can provide the most basic level of security, it might not be sufficient in most cases as car thieves have become more sophisticated these days. In this post, we will take a brief look at the history of car keys, the role they play in vehicle security, and the steps you can take to safeguard your vehicle with assistance from a professional locksmith –West Palm Beach, FL to Homestead, FL and beyond.

#1. The History and Evolution of Car Keys

The earliest version of the car key – which was designed only to control the electrical circuit in the ignition – was introduced in 1910. A decade later, people started using two keys – one for the ignition and one to lock the doors.

In 1949, Chrysler became the first company to introduce a car key that could start the engine on its own. In the 1960s, automakers introduced dual purpose car keys that could start the engine as well as unlock the doors.

It was only in the 1990s that the key fob – which is ubiquitous these days – was introduced by automakers. The earliest versions of key fobs only allowed car owners to lock and unlock the doors remotely. The latest version of key fobs can perform a number of functions – from locking and unlocking the car door to starting the engine, opening the trunk, and much more.

#2. Keys and Vehicle Security

Traditional keys, which require you to physically lock or unlock the car, are no longer in vogue, as keyless entry systems have emerged as a much better alternative. The two types of keyless entry systems that are available in cars these days include remote keyless entry systems and smart key entry systems.

For any car key or car lock issues, such as car lockout (accidentally locked keys inside), vehicle key replacement, car lock replacements, broken key repair, services related to vehicle locks, and so on, you need quality workmanship from trained professionals. 3 Guys Locksmith offers vehicle locksmith services to the South Florida region, including Homestead, Naples, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and more. We’ll complete the entire process quickly and efficiently so you can get back to cruising down Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in Palm Beach County in no time!

Remote Keyless Entry Systems

These systems use a remote key – commonly referred to as a fob – which contains a short-range radio transmitter. When you press the button, the transmitter sends a coded signal through radio waves. The receiver unit in your car picks up the signal and locks or unlocks your car.

Smart Key Entry Systems

These systems use a transponder key (also referred to as a chip key or chipped key). The transponder key consists of a micro chip which can communicate with the antenna in your car. The key is designed to disengage the immobilizer, which prevents other people from operating your car even if they have the exact same replica of your car key. In other words, transponder keys are to cars what high security locks are to your home.

Many cars these days have advanced keyless access systems that allow you to operate your car using a digital key on your smartphone. You can also grant other people access to your car using the digital key.

#3. VIN and Car Key Replacement

Vehicle identification number – commonly referred to as VIN or VIN number – is a unique number assigned to your car by the manufacturer. If you lose or misplace your keys, an auto locksmith can use your car’s VIN to make a new key. Apart from your VIN, the locksmith might also ask you for your driver’s license, registration, and other such details to make sure you are indeed the owner of the car.

Using your car’s VIN, the local locksmith can retrieve the information about your original key and cut a new key. In case of a chipped key, the locksmith not only needs to cut a new key, but also needs to program it so that it can communicate with your car. With that said, when your chipped key is lost or stolen, it’s vital to contact a car locksmith with the expertise and technological know-how to cut and program chipped keys.

#4. What to Do If Your Key is Broken or Lost?

If your key breaks and gets stuck in the ignition or lock, it is not a good idea for you to try and remove the broken piece on your own. In doing so, you might end up pushing the broken piece further inside the ignition or end up badly damaging the ignition. The safest option is to call a trusted locksmith, who can not only extract the broken piece, but also make a replacement key for you.

Similarly, if you lose your key or get locked out of your own vehicle, you should call an automotive locksmith business that offers lockout service and let them open your car, rather than attempting something on your own.

3 Guys Locksmith – The Trusted Name for All Your Car Key Repair and Replacement Needs

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Our vehicle key services include key repair and replacement (car keys as well as motorcycle keys), broken key extraction, rekey services (lock as well as ignition), installing and repairing car door locks, and installing vehicle security systems. We also offer car lockout services in Homestead, Cutler Bay, Sunny Isles, Doral, North Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, and a number of other areas across Florida.

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