Door Unlock Services in Miami, Florida

Emergency Door Unlock Services

Door Unlock Services in Miami, Florida

Whether you are stuck outside your home with groceries in hand or stranded in a lonely basement parking area, unable to get inside your car, getting locked out can be both stressful and potentially dangerous.

You need to gain access to your home or vehicle as quickly as possible, and this is where locksmith services can prove to be a lifesaver. If you are locked out of your home, office, or car, we can help. 3 Guys Locksmith offers dependable and efficient lockout service.

To seek assistance from our door mobile locksmith units anywhere in North Miami, give us a call now at (305) 907-7707.

Need for Door Unlock Services

Getting locked out is a very common predicament. Although seniors and other adults with memory problems are more vulnerable to this, it can happen to even the most alert and cautious individuals. Here are some of the common situations in which you will need the assistance of a professional locksmith:

You Left Your Keys Inside

Many doors these days come with automatic locks in vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings. As soon as you get out and close the doors shut, they get sealed. If you are in a rush or preoccupied with other, more pressing matters, you can easily forget to pick up the keys.

You Lost Your Keys

Unless you physically tie them down to your person with a chain or string, it is incredibly easy to lose or misplace your home or car keys. They are small enough to go unnoticed when you leave them on the table, a countertop, or even on top of an ATM machine. Keys can also sometimes fall out of our pockets when we try to pick out other things, like a wallet. Theft is another common way in which people lose their keys.

Your Keys are Broken/Stuck

Although they are made from metals like steel, keys can still get bent, chipped, or even broken into two. The latter can often happen when the key is inside the door lock and getting twisted – you then end up locked out, with half the key stuck inside the lock.

Your Door is Damaged

Be it through accidents or collisions (car door), an attempted burglary, or simply due to the changes in temperature and humidity levels, and doors can get stuck. When the lock is damaged, having a key is of no use. Even if you manage to force your way inside, you will still need to call locksmiths to repair/replace the damaged lock.

How Does a Locksmith Unlock a Broken or Locked Door?

When you call in a professional locksmith in Miami from 3 Guys Locksmith, our first priority is to try and open the door without causing any damage (non-destructive entry). To do this, locksmiths rely on a wide range of tools and techniques, including the following:

  1. Bump Keys – This is an old and effective tool that works on most conventional tumbler locks. The key’s unique design allows the locksmith to easily bypass a lock by breaking its internal pin mechanism. This does not damage the lock in any way.
  2. Lock Picking – Locksmiths also rely on an array of specialized tools like triangle pick, rake pick, hook pick, and wafer pick to open locks that are impervious to bump keys. For warded locks, they rely on a tool called the skeleton key.
  3. Reprogramming – With digital locks and keyless entry systems, physical tools are of no use. In such cases, a locksmith will use advanced consoles and terminals to gain access to the lock and reprogram or reset it to open the lock without a key.
  4. Key Duplication – This is another modern technique where the locksmith will create duplicate keys on the spot using a mechanical cutter. To find the right design, they use a technique called key analysis.
  5. Changing the Lock – If the lock is damaged beyond repair, the locksmith has no option but to physically remove it from your door and install a new one. The tools and techniques used for this will vary depending on the door and lock design/purpose.

Types of Doors an Experienced Locksmith Can Unlock

Skilled and experienced car locksmiths in Miami can unlock traditional car locks, car doors with a transponder key, doors that use laser-cut keys, and smart cars that use digital key fobs. Professional locksmiths can also gain access to doors with high-security keys and a modern apartment/office with a digital security system.

The truth of the matter is that if you have the skills, knowledge, and the right tools, virtually any lock can be unlocked, often in a matter of seconds. However, if the lock is very complex and can take hours to unlock, or if it is damaged beyond salvage, a locksmith will suggest destructive entry as a last resort.

The most common way to do it is by directly drilling into the lock. In some situations, entry can also be achieved by cutting off a bolt. Care is taken to ensure that your door is not damaged during these processes. You will need a new lock installation after this.

Choose the Most Dependable Door Unlock Services Near You

If you are looking for reliable locksmith services in Miami, FL, look no further than 3 Guy Locksmiths. We are a locally owned business with stellar customer ratings across residential, commercial, and car locksmith services. For lock-out, we offer fast resolution with professional locksmith teams. To book the services of an expert Miami locksmith, give us a call at (305) 907-7707, or use this online form today.

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