How to Open a Car Window From The Outside With A Key: Ask The Experts

open car window from outside with key

Millions of Americans face this situation each year – you leave the car out in the sun and when you come back a few hours later, the interiors feel like an oven. Even if you leave a window open, the internal temperature could still spike within minutes. This is why you should never leave kids or pets inside your parked car ever.

Knowing how to open car window from outside with key or key fob will allow your car to cool down a bit before you get in. As the top-rated locksmiths in Miami, FL with extensive experience in helping customers unlock their cars, we can offer you useful insights on this issue.

Getting Started – What Kind of Key Can You Use?

These days, many auto manufacturers offer remote engine start button controls via smartphone apps. This is the case because of rising crime in so many American cities. Because crime is a hot button issues nowadays, people want to start their car before they get into it so they can leave that parking lot quickly. For instance, if your car comes with an app (and subscription), you can open your car doors and windows in advance using the app on your smartphone.

Based on this, the good news here is that you can open car windows from the outside with a key even if you don’t have all that fancy ‘smart’ connectivity features. Many users don’t realize this, but their older-generation car keys and fobs can be used to open car windows from the outside.

Using the Ignition Key

If your car has a mechanical key, you can probably use it to open all the windows from the outside. Using the ignition key to open all the windows is a feature available in many cars, particularly the older models with manual locks. The standard method goes something like this:

  • Approach your parked car and insert the ignition key into the driver’s door lock.
  • Turn the key to the unlock position (clockwise).
  • Hold the key in that position for 5-10 seconds.
  • All four windows will start rolling down.
  • Keep holding the key in the unlock position to roll all the windows all the way down.
  • If you release the key back to the neutral position, the windows will stop rolling.

Do note that the locking mechanism is different across automakers and their popular models. In some cars, you have to turn the key to the unlock position twice, before pressing it in place. Since this is a documented feature, you can easily find the control configuration from your own car manual. If you can’t find it, can ask the dealer/manufacturer for support.

Using Key Fob

Key fobs became popular in the 1990s and 2000s as handy devices to control a car remotely. The most popular features were the remote start and remote door unlock. But not many people know of a hidden feature available in many key fobs from Toyota, Honda, Ford, and so on – remote power window control.

This feature works just as it sounds – you can use the key fob lock button to roll the windows of the car down from a distance. In relation to this, we have to warn you – always use your situational awareness when you use this particular feature. If anyone else is closer to the car than you, this could result in a car-jacking attempt!

There are two primary ways in which you can use a key fob to remotely open your windows on most cars:

  • Method 1: Press the “unlock” button on the key fob and hold it down for at least 3 seconds – the windows will start rolling down. If you release the button, the windows will stop.
  • Method 2: Press the “unlock” button twice in quick succession and then hold it down, after the second press. The windows will start rolling down.

If all the windows are down and you want to close them up again after cooling down your car, you can use the same sequence of steps – the controls work both ways.  These steps only work if you have the keys/fob, and a car that supports the option to roll down all the windows from the outsider.

Don’t Have a Key to Open Your Car? Call 3 Guys Locksmith in Miami for Fast Assistance

If you left your keys inside or lost them, there are several other ways to force open locked vehicles – these involve using either a coat hanger, metal rod, a “slim jim”, a long wire, a small hook, a loop of string, and/or rubber wedges.

But with all these options, there is a real risk of damaging your car door handle, breaking the glass, or cutting major wire systems. And if you do it out in the open on the roads, in a garage, or in a parking lot, be prepared to face the cops due to the car alarm that will trigger.

Your best bet is to call a dedicated and all-star local locksmith with experience in car security. 3 Guys Locksmith is one of the most trusted professional locksmith businesses in Miami, FL with over seven years of experience in all kinds of locks, safes, and advanced security systems. Our licensed professional locksmith services are available in  Miami and across South Florida.

For professional car unlocking experts, call us at (305) 907-7707 or (239) 249-5268. You can also connect with by completing our online contact form.

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