How to Open a Car Window Without a Key With South Florida’s Best Locksmith

open car window without key

How to Open a Car Window Without a Key With South Florida’s Best Locksmith

Newer vehicles have sophisticated gadgets like remote-unlock sensors, touchpads, and key fobs to ensure you don’t get locked out. In relation to this, there are still those unfortunate times when you forget your keys and have to learn how to open a car window without the key. Do you break the window or use a prybar? With a little bit of patience and then some more patience, you can get your keys out of a locked vehicle.

Word of advice: If you are in a hurry and haven’t done this kind of thing before, you should give up and call an experienced locksmith in your area. It is way cheaper than breaking open a window in frustration.

Use the Car App

Several newer models can be unlocked using the car manufacturer’s mobile app. The unfortunate catch in this method is that you should have signed up and paired the vehicle before you locked yourself out. Most car sellers recommend doing this right when purchasing the vehicle. You would be able to prevent any future lockouts.

These are a few commonly used lockout apps:

  • myChevrolet: This app doubles up as a remote key fob for unlocking or locking a GM vehicle. You can use it for sounding the horn, locating the vehicle, and even starting/stopping the engine.
  • Hyundai Blue Link: The app can be used for locking, unlocking, starting, stopping, sounding the horn, and activating the headlights of your Hyundai vehicle.
  • NissanConnect: Vehicle health reports, maintenance alerts, Google Assistant, and Alexa connectivity are a few services offered besides lock/unlock.
  • Toyota App: You can find your Toyota, access maintenance info, receive recall alerts, and lock/unlock doors through the app.
  • MySubaru: The MySubaru app uses StarLink for locking/unlocking the vehicle. You can use it for remote start and stop. You can use the app to immobilize the car if stolen.

Use a Fishing Line, Shoestring, or Twine

You can use a few feet of fishing line, shoestring, or twine for opening an old vehicle with manual locks. Simply fashion a loop in the center of the string and try to open the interior door handle with it. This takes practice since you must hook the loop on the locking mechanism. Back-and-forth motion generally helps with the looping. Once you are done hooking, gently pull up the string, and your car door will open.

Unlock Your Car Door Using an Inflatable Pump Wedge

This is for people that routinely face a locked car door situation. You may want to invest in an inflatable wedge kit. This entry tool is quite helpful in opening a car door without damaging the car’s paint. Metal tools may be helpful with automatic locks but can also damage the car.

Use the air wedge to create space between the jamb and the door. You can use this door gap for inserting a putty knife, windshield wiper, metal rod, slim jim, or any other lockout tool. You can get the door open regardless of the car model.

Unlock a Car Using a Coat Hanger

A modified coat hanger or a slim jim is among the more popular DIY methods for manual locking doors. This trick to unlock a car door doesn’t work well with automatic windows. The principle is the same. You need to pull the control arm inside the car door. This is connected to the lock rod. Slide the hanger between the window glass and the weather stripping.

You will need to slide the hanger till it reaches the interior door handle. This is where the unlock button is located on the control arm. Rotate the hanger and look for the door lock. This can be difficult to find, and it may take a few tries before you finally unlock the door. The modified wire coat hanger trick is commonly used by tow truck drivers and roadside assistance in locked key situations.

Use the Car Antenna

You may find your keys locked inside the vehicle when you don’t have access to any tools. It can be frustrating to stare at the keys in the car. The good news is that if you have an older car model with a specific style of outer handle, you can use the car antenna. This is one of the easiest car lockout tricks that require a lot of patience and little practice.

You need to unscrew the antenna and get it inside the door handle. You must carefully maneuver the antenna to the locking pin on the door panel. This is not possible with newer cars. You may have come across this trick in a few Hollywood movies. Make sure you don’t let the antenna fall forward.

Push the antenna only when you are done making a connection to the door frame. Your best bet is to perform this trick on the back passenger door.

Reach Out to a Trusted Locksmith for Quick Assistance!

Different cars have different locking mechanisms and security systems. You can either call the fire department or a locksmith in certain situations. Save yourself the time, effort, and drama of trying to break open a window to get to your keys inside. Give the 3 Guys Locksmith a call. We can be with you in less than 30 minutes to open your door safely, quickly, and affordably. Call (305) 907-7707 to contact us immediately or complete this short online form.

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