Locked Your Keys in Your Car? Here’s What You Can Do.

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Locked Your Keys in Your Car? Here’s What You Can Do.

The first thing you should do is check all the doors. This may seem obvious, but in a moment of crisis, you just might not think of it. If you find an opening congratulations, you got very lucky. Otherwise, you have to look into other options. If you have a spare key or you have roadside assistance, you should go that route as it is the easiest and least expensive.

Why Hire a Miami Locksmith?

Safety should always come first if you are in any danger or your child or pet is inside, and you must gain access immediately. Should that happen, the first thing you should do is call 911. Depending on the time frame the first responders give you, you may decide to break into the car. This should always be the last option. But, if anyone’s safety is at risk and time is of the essence, then it becomes an option.

Extreme conditions aside, if you left your car locked and cannot gain access, you should call an Miami locksmith, but if you want to have a go at it your self, you will need some tools, and you will need to gain some access to the car. These ideas all depend on the model/age of your vehicle, and some will cause some damage. 

With a metal clothes hanger (or a long wire), you can make a hook at the end, you get the wire inside the top of the window and then slowly work your way down to the lock mechanism which you will try to hook and pull open. This can work if the lock is on the side of the door, and you have the dexterity and patience to get it done. If your car has a button to unlock the doors, you will have to push on it with the cable.

Pulling The Window Down

Let me warn you, this will likely damage the window mechanism. Plus, you should only attempt this if circumstances are such that you are ok with that. Find duct tape; packing tape will work as well, tape strips on the window from top to bottom, and leave a portion untaped. Tape multiple strips covering most of the window and leaving the bottom untaped, then tape those parts to a lever, this can be a stick or just about anything that will hold the pressure, then pull down. Again, this will probably damage the door mechanism and should only be attempted in dire circumstances. Your best bet is to call a commercial locksmith in Miami. They will be able to gain access without damaging your car.

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