Motorcycle Keys And How To Care For Them

Motorcycle Keys And How To Take Care Of Them

Motorcycle Keys And How To Care For Them

If you are an avid rider, your motorcycle is probably not just a means of transport for you, but among your most prized possessions. Whether you ride every day or only on weekends, it is important to make sure your motorcycle is in excellent condition. One overlooked vital aspect of motorcycle maintenance is taking care your motorcycle keys. In the absence of proper maintenance, your keys could wear out or get damaged quickly causing you to need key replacement service.

How to Care for Your Motorcycle Keys?

  • First, make sure you do not use your motorcycle key as a prying tool. While it might be convenient to use your keys to open packages, paint cans, beer bottles, and what not, it can cause your key to bend or wear out quickly.
  • Clean your motorcycle key from time to time. A dirty key is more likely to get stuck or break off in the ignition, which can lead to costly repairs.
  • Do not put too much pressure on your key – especially if it is old. If the key is not inserted into the lock or ignition cylinder properly, or if it gets stuck, you should not try to turn it or pull it out forcefully. Doing so can not only damage the key, but the lock or the entire ignition cylinder as well.
  • Above all, it is important to keep in mind that motorcycle keys have a shelf life – just like any other tool or object you use in your day-to-day life. They are subject to normal wear and tear and can get damaged – especially if they are not cared for properly. With that said, you need to check your keys regularly for signs of wear or other kinds of damage, so that you can get it fixed before it causes any problems.

Motorcycle Key Repair and Replacement – What You Need to Know

One thing you need to know about motorcycle key repair and maintenance is that DIY measures are probably not the best way to go about it. They can be – at best – a temporary solution, but can never be an alternative to professional repair and replacement services.

For instance, if your motorcycle key breaks and gets stuck in the ignition, you should not try to remove it yourself. You might end up damaging the ignition cylinder. If that happens, getting a new motorcycle key will be the least of your problems.

How an Experienced Motorcycle Locksmith Can Help You

If your motorcycle key is bent, damaged, or broken, an experienced motorcycle locksmith can fix it or make a new key if needed. If the key is broken or stuck in the ignition, the locksmith can extract it safely without damaging the ignition cylinder and make a new key. If there is a problem with your ignition, the locksmith can repair or replace the ignition switch, or replace the whole ignition cylinder altogether.

In case of a lost motorcycle key, your local locksmith might ask you for details like vehicle identification number, ignition cylinder code, or key code. They can use this information to make replacement keys for your lost motorcycle keys. You might also have them make spare keys while they’re at it.

In case your bike keys are lost and you are concerned that someone else might have gotten hold of them, you can choose to rekey your motorcycle – rather than having a new key made – as it can protect against the possibility of theft.

3 Guys Locksmith – The Trusted Choice for All Your Motorcycle Key Repair and Replacement Needs

At 3 Guys Locksmith, we offer a wide range of motorcycle key replacement and repair services – from duplicating existing motorcycle keys to making new motorcycle keys, repairing motorcycle locks, rekeying the ignition, and much more. Our company is locally owned and operated and we have a team of highly experienced locksmiths who are fully licensed and insured. We also offer motorcycle locksmith services around the clock in South Florida.

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