Using a Plunger to Open a Car Window – How To With 3 Guys Locksmith!

plunger to open car window

Using a Plunger to Open a Car Window – How To With 3 Guys Locksmith!

At some point or the other, nearly everyone would have accidentally locked their keys in the car or lost them. Now, you can either break open the window to get your keys or use online hacks. A popular hack that recently went viral involved using the humble bathroom plunger to open a car window. This trick works well with older cars that have a manual mechanism but can be used on electric windows as well.

You can also just skip the stress and call the 3 Guys Locksmith to come out to your car promptly and either open the door in a way that doesn’t cause any damage to the vehicle or make new keys.

4 Steps to Open a Car Window With a Plunger

If you find yourself locked out of your car without a spare key, don’t worry! You can try and use the “plunger suction” method to pull down the window and unlock your car from the inside. This trick is simpler than using a coat hanger or tennis ball to pop open the door. This is what you need to do:

  1. Gather the supplies. You need an extra-strength plunger and broad duct tape.
  2. Find a spot in the middle of the window. Place the plunger at a height where you can comfortably use your forearms to apply force. You can use some cream or petroleum jelly around the edge of the plunger to give it extra suction.
  3. Use tape to keep the plunger in place. Duct tape the bottom edge of the plunger to the glass. This will prevent the plunger from sliding down when you use force. You may need to use multiple bits of tape to make sure the plunger doesn’t budge from its place.
  4. Grab the plunger with your hands and use your forearm strength to pull the window down.

On top of this, you can also stick three plungers to the glass window and use them to pull down the window. You don’t need to go all the way down – just enough for you to access the door lock from the inside.

What if You Damage the Car Window in the Process?

In an article published in Newsweek on the practicality of the hack and the possibility of damaging the window or glass, Stuart Masson from The Car Expert claimed that using a plunger allows the window to be pulled down. In relation to this, there is always a risk of damaging the winding mechanism. In fact, Masson said that this trick might only work in windows that have weakened motors from thousands of cycles over the years.

There have been instances of a lack of air pressure that prevented the window from budging. People that used a plunger to open car windows have also reported damage to the mechanism or breaking the glass. All in all, the suction method may not be everything it claims to be. Electric motors and manual window winding mechanisms may get weaker, making it easier for thieves to get in the next time.

This trick may not work so well in a brand-new car. You probably should not use this hack if you are concerned about damaging your car doors and windows. You may accidentally use too much force to push the window down, causing the glass to break. In addition, there is a high risk to the winding mechanism whether the car has manual or automatic windows.

It may be costlier to fix the window mechanism than to have the door locks changed. In fact, calling a trustworthy locksmith may actually prove to be the easy way if you find yourself locked out of the car.

Eliminate the Stress. Call 3 Guys Locksmith for a Quick and Reliable Solution

There are easier ways to get into your own car if you don’t have spare keys and find yourself locked out – call the 3 Guys Locksmith. The professional and trained technicians at the 3 Guys Locksmith offer round-the-clock service. They serve all areas in South Florida and can be at your car door within a matter of minutes following your distress call.

You can choose between having the locks changed or rekeyed. Rekeying is usually the preferable option if you lost the keys somewhere. This way, a miscreant cannot get inside your car using the old keys. They will change the lock tumblers and other aspects so that you never have to worry again.

All technicians at the 3 Guys Locksmith are trained, certified, licensed, and insured to provide the best service. You can be confident about the following when you trust your business to the 3 Guys Locksmith:

  • Prompt response to your call
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Polite and friendly experts
  • No price surprises
  • Vetted, certified, and approved locksmiths

If you want your car door opened quickly and with minimal stress, 3 Guys Locksmith is who you want for the job.

There is No Lock and Key that 3 Guys Locksmith Cannot Handle

When you need urgent help from an experienced, fully licensed locksmith, look no further than 3 Guys Locksmith. We’ve been locally owned and operated for more than 7 years and counting. No matter how complicated maybe your lock and key-related problem, we can solve it—expertly and expediently. Give us a call at 305-907-7707 for an immediate response. You can also reach us online by completing our online contact form.

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