What Kind of Requires a Commercial Locksmith?

emergency commercial locksmith

Nearly everyone has experienced being locked out of their house, business, or car at some point. Knowing the keys are right there but you can’t get to them can be frustrating. Or worse still, you might feel helpless when you have no idea where the keys to your office, factory, warehouse, restaurant, health clinic, or another commercial facility disappeared.

A commercial locksmith can help whether you forgot the key inside, have a broken key, or lost the key. Locksmith services are a lifesaver for commercial facilities and business owners when you know the stakes are high and every minute counts.

Being Locked Out of Your Office or Commercial Facility

Commercial locksmith service providers have experience in a wide array of lock and key-related matters for all business premises. They can help you whenever you find yourself in a lockout situation. Many of us at the workplace may lock the door handle and slam the front door shut when in a rush.

The average residential locksmith service provider may not be able to come commercial locksmith. Lockouts are frustrating and scary, especially when your staff is stranded outside or locked inside, critical business operations are forced to stop because of a lockout, or valuable or sensitive business assets are at stake. You are unable to access your commercial premises. Things can get more complicated if you have a smart office. Many business owners in South Florida are switching to electronic locks with high security.

If you think you cannot be locked out with electronic high-security locks, you will be shocked to find out that this can be a possibility. You may lose your internet connection, your phone may lose power, or the lock may have a low battery. If you are locked out of your business, you will need an accomplished and diligent office locksmith to come to your rescue.

Being Locked Out of Your Car in FL

Have you ever left the engine running after pulling up to a storefront or meeting a business associate? You probably expected to get quickly inside only to realize that you were locked out of the automotive. While your first reaction might be to panic and hyperventilate, thankfully, there is a more straightforward solution. Experienced locksmith companies in Miami and other areas can take care of automotive lockouts.

These are a few situations that warrant a locksmith service:

  • Keys locked within the car.
  • Keys locked in the car’s boot.
  • Car keys are lost.
  • Car door latch is stuck, and it won’t open.
  • Car door lock is broken.

Modern cars and commercial delivery vehicles come with programmed remotes and smart keys that specifically work with a vehicle. It can be challenging to get a spare key made. You will require the expertise of a professional car locksmith. Whether you are locked out of your car, motorcycle, or delivery van, all your locksmith needs can be taken care of by established commercial lock replacement companies.

Your Key Gets Stuck Inside Your Business Premises

Commercial locksmith services can be a godsend if your keys get stuck in your factory, warehouse, or office. Imagine one of your employees shuts the main door, only to find they accidentally locked the keys inside; or they find the door locks are damaged. Now, you cannot leave your inventory and other office equipment unchecked.

Whether you use a safe, padlock, or a high-security lock, damage can be due to rust or intentional tampering. Having professional locksmiths come over immediately can be convenient in such situations. They can even give the window locks a once-over to ensure no tampering.

If the problem is as straightforward as leaving the key inside, you don’t need to worry at all. Your locksmith can open the door quickly so you can get to the keys. This will ensure your business doesn’t remain closed for customers.

Having a Broken Key

Broken keys happen, and there is nothing you can do to control it. Most business people living or working in the Miami-Dade area are always in a rush. Getting to and from work on time is essential. You may have events to reach or other important meetings to attend, so closing a door softly is probably the last thing on your mind!

Unfortunately, in the rush of things, you may end up with a broken key. You still have to get to the place where you were rushing to. What do you do? Call a reliable commercial locksmith company with vast experience and knowledge. The locksmith can make a replacement copy quickly, so you don’t miss your appointment.

Replacing Locks after a Burglary

There has been an increasing number of burglaries in businesses and residences alike. The first thing you need to do is contact the police, and the next immediate thing is to have your locks changed. There are several DIY locks, but these leave you vulnerable. A professional locksmith with the right tools to install the locks will ensure the work is done correctly. They will also look at all other locks and windows to ensure your property is safe.

Choose Skilled and Resourceful Commercial Locksmiths for Prompt Solutions

3 Guys Locksmith offers a wide range of commercial locksmith services to help you get access to your property quickly. We have over 7 years of experience and counting. There is no lock and key problem that we cannot solve. We are available 24/7 to help you out with any lock-related business you may have. Call 305-907-7707 or use our online form to have us come to your location quickly.

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