6 Types of Locks That Will Protect Your Home From Intruders

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6 Types of Locks That Will Protect Your Home From Intruders

As any 24-hour locksmith Miami expert will tell you home invasions are common and thieves have become cannier than ever. Although a Miami locksmith will agree there are many types of locks that can protect your home you must keep in mind that there are also downsides to each of them. 

Deadbolts in particular provide substantial protection but burglars can break a side door window in order to reach inside and turn the lock.

But other than burglary, you may also find yourself in a situation where you are locked out of your home, office, or car. If this happens to you, contact an experienced 24-hour locksmith Miami expert to assist you.  

Types of Door Locks

There are various types of locks you can equip your home with and determining the best one for you can be hard without a Miami locksmith on your side. Our 24-hour locksmith Miami experts have compiled a list of the six best types of locks to secure your home. 

Keypad Locks

With technology advancing, any locksmith Homestead professional will tell you that keypad locks have become more popular. They essentially work similarly to other locks with the exception of having to enter a code.

Vertical locks

These locks are not as common but our Miami locksmith experts will tell you that these locks have a vertical bolt that extends through a set of rings. This mechanism secures the door. 

An experienced locksmith Homestead has on its roster will most commonly install these types of locks on hotel doors and apartment complexes. 

Smart locks

These types of locks are some of the more advanced locks that a 24-hour locksmith Miami professional will come across. These locks use your home’s wifi network and can be accessed using your smartphone or computer. You can unlock the door using your fingerprint, smartphone, and even a voice command. You can also connect the door lock to motion-activated cameras which detect anyone at your door.


This is known as the second most common type of lock found in residential doors by a Miami locksmith. A deadbolt works when the metal bolt extends from the door into the doorframe thus connecting the two pieces. These locks are also known as single cylinder locks that can be installed by locksmith Homestead experts. 

They have the name of a single-cylinder because they use a keyed lock cylinder on the outside and the inside has a turning lever. 

Double Cylinder Locks

These are another form of deadbolts and work when there are keyed locks on both sides. An experienced locksmith Homestead has to offer is familiar with the inner working of these types of locks. 

Bars, Bolts, And Chains

Any experienced Miami locksmith will advise you that physical barriers like bars, bolts, and chains can add security to your home. The only way to get through any of these elements is to knock them down with force. This can cause such a commotion that anyone in the neighborhood will become alarmed. 

You Can Hire a Trustworthy Expert From 3 Guys Locksmith

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