More Than Locks: Services Any Quality Residential Locksmith Can Provide

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Don’t let the name fool you. Sure, locks are the bread-and-butter service provided by locksmiths, but they’re a whole lot more than just that.

Most respectable companies will provide a number of additional services besides unlocking your door. Those services could include key duplication, lock replacement, security camera installation, and gate repair. We will cover all of the services a quality Miami locksmith should you be able to assist with on a moment’s notice.

Safe Installation

If you’re already using a residential locksmith in Miami, you should ask if they install safes. If they do, you’ll need them when you need to secure more than your front door. Protect valuable documents and possessions with a foolproof safe that is professionally installed and cared for.

Security Camera Services

When locks fail, security cameras are your best friend. Keep an eye in the sky for worst-case scenarios and significantly improve your chances of catching criminals, if not deterring them altogether. An excellent residential locksmith can tell you the best location, maintenance tips, and more to help you get the most out of your home’s full security system.

Intercom Installation and Intercom Repair

Stay in touch no matter where you are on your property. With the touch of a button on your intercom, you can be in two places at once. 

miami locksmithIron Gate Repair & Security

A professional locksmith in Miami will be able to assist you with gate repair while consulting you on security measures and tips to keep bad guys out for good.

Building Management Services

Having trouble with the management of your property? Every logistic can create a new headache for you. But a quality locksmith will have the keys to establishing and maintaining a solid property management plan.

Duplicate Keys

You can never have enough keys. Stay ahead of your forgetful self with multiple duplicates. Most locksmiths can copy a key quickly and for cheap, so never hesitate to ask.

Install and Replace Locks

They don’t just break locks. Real locksmiths can put them in from scratch. 

A broken lock is a headache for any homeowner. Not only is your immediate security compromised, but your peace of mind will be gone until you can install a better lock.

Rekey a Lock

Rekeying a lock is no walk in the park. Amateurs and scammers will take shortcuts or refuse to take the job altogether. But a true locksmith will treat every element of the job with care and precision.

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