All the Services a Commercial Locksmith Can Provide

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All the Services a Commercial Locksmith Can Provide

Real locksmiths aren’t one-trick ponies. When dealing with a certified commercial locksmith, you can count on a number of unique services that go past unlocking your car or house when you lose track of your keys. A professional locksmith is a safety and security expert who can help with big picture tasks like security strategies or small tasks like rekeying office locks or filing cabinets.

Late nights can turn into long mornings if you don’t know the right numbers to call in an emergency. An emergency locksmith should already be on your contact list. But not all locksmiths are created equal. A commercial locksmith in Miami will offer additional services that can help you manage your commercial or private property more effectively.

Locksmith Services

These are the services that a locksmith in Miami can provide. Learn how these services can benefit your business, whether large or small.

Repair And Rekey Locks

One busted or incorrect lock is a headache. A whole building full will drive your crazy. This is a locksmith’s bread and butter, and whether you need one or one hundred, a commercial locksmith will get the job done in no time.

Repair Door Closers And Exit Devices

Doing a job like installing or repairing door closets and exit devices isn’t that bad on one or two doors. But to get it done at scale, you need a professional with the tools, time, and manpower to do it right.

commercial locksmith in miamiInstall Deadbolts and ADA Compliant Hardware

To make sure that your locks and hardware meet standards and regulations of your local authorities, hire a commercial locksmith to consult or complete the job. Get it done right the first time and focus on running your business while the experts secure your property.

Change Safe Combinations and Codes On Push Button Locks

It’s a new age and digital locks are even more challenging than traditional bolts. State-of-the-art digital locks are virtually impossible for an amateur to crack. So let our seasoned pros handle it for you with no sweat.

Make Duplicate Keys

Duplicating keys is not always a reliable process. What if the sketchy guy behind the counter keeps a copy? And bulk orders often come with dozens of malfunctioning keys. Get a consistent and professional cut off as many keys as you can count for a price you will love.

Make Keys to Desks and Filing Cabinets

Businesses who need help managing their filing cabinets and desk locks can trust commercial locksmiths to make a difficult job look easy. The organization and time it takes to equip an entire office floor or building with working locks and keys is worth every penny.

3 Guys Locksmith Are Your Go-To South Florida Locksmiths

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