Where Are the Best Places to Stash Replacement Automotive Keys?


A spare key can be a life-saver if you get locked out of your car. A spare key can save you in times of need when your key breaks off in the ignition or a door lock. At the same time, it’s essential to put your spare keys in a safe hiding spot so that no one else can gain access to them but you. Let us look at the six best places to hide your automotive replacement keys in this post.

Under the Car

You can get a magnetic lock box to hold your spare keys inside. The magnet lock box attaches to the underneath of your car. It is essential to hide the magnetic lock box where it is not easily accessible, as most car thieves are well aware of usual hiding spots such as tire wells and gas caps, making the secret hiding spot a prime target. To avoid this, make sure you attach the magnetic lock box to a well-hidden area and consider purchasing a dark-colored lock box to match and blend in with the bottom of your car. Ensure that the hidden spot isn’t to a moving part of the vehicle and keep it away from the exhaust.

Another brilliant idea is to get a magnetic lock box with a combination lock attached from a leading distributor. This will ensure that even if a car thief manages to find the lock box, they will not be able to open it and get the keys.

Behind the License Plate

This is a neat little hiding spot to stash your spare keys. You can tape the keys to the plate securely using duct tape or gorilla tape by removing the license plate and putting the license plate back on. Alternatively, you can use a spare key hiding container. The container can be safely attached in kit form to your license plate.

Behind the Bumper

If the bumper on your car is made of metal, you can safely attach a magnetic key holder and secure the keys safely. If it is made of plastic or fiberglass, you can tape your spare keys to the bumper using duct tape or gorilla tape. If this is an ideal problem-solver for you, ensure to secure the necessary resources discreetly so that a simple search from outside the vehicle does not expose your spare keys.

Hitch Receiver Box

This is, without a doubt, one of the safest spots to stash your spare keys. If your vehicle has a built-in hitch receiver, you can put your spare keys in a lock box and hide the lock box in the slot provided. If your vehicle does not have a hitch receiver, you can install one to hide your spare keys.

In Your Wallet

If you prefer to carry your spare keys in person, you can keep them in your wallet or purse. Another option is to carry your spare keys in a messenger bag. This method, however, is not ideal if you are forgetful and often tend to misplace things. Similarly, if your wallet or bag is stolen, a thief will have access to your keys and potentially your vehicle (assuming they know where it is parked or if you have the license plate noted in the bag.)

With a Neighbor

If you have a neighbor you trust and know very well; you can ask them to keep a hold of your spare keys. It can be an excellent idea if your neighbor happens to be a stay-at-home parent or guardian, a retiree, or a work-from-home employee so that you have access to the spare keys at all times.

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