Why You Need a Residential Locksmith in Your Life


Why You Need a Residential Locksmith in Your Life

As a homeowner, keeping your home secure should be your top priority. With more than 1.7 million break-ins and burglaries happening each year, you cannot afford to take any chances with your home’s security. An experienced residential locksmith can be your trusted partner in ensuring your home is safe and secured.

Contrary to what many people think, the expertise of a professional locksmith is not limited to repairing locks and duplicating keys. A professional locksmith can do more than that to bolster your home’s security. Here are six reasons you might need the services of a residential locksmith in West Palm Beach, FL!

Installing Locks

Professional locksmiths are trained in installing, repairing, and rekeying a wide range of locks. From classic knob locks to something more complex such as keypad locks, a professional locksmith can assess your home’s security needs accurately and install the right kind of locks your doors, windows, and other entry points require.

Rekeying Locks

Suppose you are moving into a new home. In that case, it is advisable to have all the locks on your windows and doors rekeyed because many people, such as builders, plumbers, electricians, and other technicians who were involved in the construction and the implementation of your move-in, may have a copy of the original set of keys and so will have access to your property. With the help of a trusted locksmith, you can have all of your window and door locks rekeyed to ensure no one else has access to your home but you.

Installing Peepholes

No matter how solid or robust your door locks are, installing a peephole can provide you with additional security. Contact your local home locksmith service and install peepholes on your front and back doors so that you know who is on the other side of the door before you open it.

Lock and Key Repair

If your door key gets stuck in the lock or breaks off, you should always call your local locksmith service rather than attempting to remove the key yourself. Any DIY measures on your part might damage the lock, which is not a risk you should take – especially if the lock in question happens to be expensive. A trained locksmith can easily extract the key without causing any damage to the lock and door and make a new key if needed.

Lockout Service

Even the most cautious can get locked out of the home on a bad day. If and when this happens, your only option is to call a home locksmith who offers services. It may be virtually impossible for you to unlock the door without damaging the lock or the door itself. To prevent this, an experienced locksmith will open the door without compromising the integrity of the door and get you back into your home in no time!

Duplicating House Keys and Making New Keys

One of the most important reasons you need a locksmith to help you make a new set of keys for your house is because they can duplicate your house keys and make new keys if you lose or misplace your original keys. Dependable residential locksmith services in Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gardens, and other areas also include replacements for car keys, car door locks, motorcycle keys, and home locks.

3 Guys Locksmith – Home Security Solutions at Unbeatable Prices

If you want to upgrade your home’s security, the professional locksmiths at 3 Guys Locksmith can help you! We can accurately assess your home’s security needs, install the right locks, access control systems, and security systems, and make sure no one can enter your home without your consent.

We take pride in offering the most reliable locksmith service at a price everyone can afford. Our expert locksmiths are highly skilled, well trained, licensed, and insured and can take care of all your residential locksmith needs.

We also offer commercial locksmith services and automotive locksmith services at affordable prices. We serve several areas in Florida, including West Palm Beach, Cutler Bay, Coral Gables, North Miami Beach, Homestead, Sunny Isles, Doral, and many more.

In case of a home or commercial lock-related or an automotive-related, call us any time:305-907-7707 or 239-249-5268. You can also get in touch with us online and schedule an appointment with one of our residential locksmith specialists.

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